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Health Benefits of Coffee For Women

For centuries, studies have shown that coffee is fully loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for health and can go beneficial for miles in improving health. The latest scientific studies have waved an array of great news for women those who love coffee that it decreases the risk of Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, ovarian cancer etc. Coffee is the second most consumed drink around the world and those women who don’t get luxury of having some essential antioxidants for keeping them healthy can have with a cup of coffee. Listed below are some of the health benefits for women who are a coffee lover.

i. An instant source of Energy – Most women jump out of bed and begins their day with an instant spur of coffee. It offers an instant source of energy and caffeine, an important ingredient of coffee, acts as an effective stimulant.

ii. Lowers risk of Cancer – American Association for Cancer research has confirmed that coffee guards a woman’s body against cancer. The coffee servings are very effective in lowering the risk of endometrial and breast cancer found in women. It also guards against basal-cell carcinoma (BCC) commonly known as basal-cell cancer, a kind of skin cancer.

iii. Helps in weight loss – Coffee has proven as an effective remedy for women in shedding the extra kilos of their body. The extracted beans of coffee contain chlorogenic acid or when taken in the unroasted form if coupled with healthy lifestyle and diet can assist in weight loss.

iv. Fights with memory troubles – The researchers at the University of South Florida has shown that women aged 30 — 50 years having Alzheimer can show the development and also reduces the chances of risking the disease. Coffee lowers the formation of beta-amyloid in the brain which considered as the foundation of Alzheimer.

v. Fights with Anxiety and Depression – Women often suffers from depression and anxiety due to numerous reasons like work pressure, family, relationships, career etc. A sip of coffee can have a double shot in beating the both naturally. It magically eases the mental stress and women who often drink coffee lowers their risk of getting caught in anxiety and depression.

vi. Lowers Heart failures – Scientists have shown through their research that moderate consumption of coffee can lower the risk of heart disease in women. High consumption may vanish the beneficial effects of coffee so experts have established a link between health and coffee by having a small amount but regular coffee drinks.

vii. Effective in lowering diabetes and blood pressure –  Women with type 2 diabetes can restrict it by having regular sips of definite amount and coffee has again shown its effectiveness by playing double shots in lowering blood pressure.

viii. Lowering the risk of liver cancer – The scientists at National Cancer Institute have shown in their study that patients with hepatitis C, when coupled their medications with few servings of coffee every day, has subsequently been effective in lowering the risk of liver cancer.

So, it greatly implies that drinking coffee could make women live a healthy and long life.