Anita: The Power of Women in the Corridors of Justice

March 5, 2020

Sexual harassment is a topic people speak in low tones in most workplaces. Anita is a film highlighting the struggles and the plight of women in power. She has to beat all odds to rise to power. Its plot tends to depict the plight of women in both low and high political and leadership ranks.

Brief description of Anita Hill – The film

Anita is the main character in this movie. She is an American-African woman who has to sit among 14 white men. The racism she experiences at her workplace hardens her to stand for her rights.

The professor in law becomes prominent but still experiences discrimination due to her race. The game-changer in her quest for gender equality dates from a graphic testimony. She has endured all forms of sexual harassment and the rights of women to rise to the current level.

She is an icon in the United States. Her message involves women empowerment, gender, and justice for the endangered species.

In the film, she uses her private life as a real-life example to expose the rot in the Supreme court. She rose through the ranks through her eloquence, education, and strength in articulating issues.

Her 22 years of experience portrays the impact of women education to attain high ranks in their career.

She files a suit against her supervisor Clarence Thomas on sexual harassment. Clarence is a Circuit Judge in the Supreme Court. 

Lessons to learn from the film

  1. Be honest and truthful

Anita stood for what is right. She did not mind being the only woman in the Supreme Court, working among 14 men. She remained steadfast in her quest for justice.

Moreover, this is the same court that protects its citizens, yet it went against all the odds. Imagine taking your supervisor to court? Her honesty and truthfulness earned her a rise in her legal career.

  • Stand for what is right

Traditionally, society views women as weak vessels. In specific, the African culture, there are places where they have no voice at all. Anita, being an African, she experienced racism at its peak- the early nineties.

That did not deter her from opening up about the rots in the corridors of justice. Even after she won the case, it did not end there, she still took an initiative to educate women to stand for what is right and educate women to avoid sexual favors for promotions and career progression.

In her quote, “When I think of what has happened in a larger sense, beyond myself, then I would not change anything.”

  • Have courage as long as you know you are right

Her courage, the moment she knew she was right in the pursuit of justice earned her a win in the case. In the interview with Forbes, the journalist admits that the negativity, mockery, and adversities never deterred her from speaking up about her supervisor’s bad behavior.

In life, it is your good character that will prevail when there are storms in any issue affecting your life.

  • It is you to change

Anita’s story is an eye-opener to the World. She states, if you are not going to say it out, who will say it for you? What an insight for women? You can only get the courage when you know your line of duty is also clean.

The daily affairs of the workplace must provide the necessary security a woman needs.

 Anita’s bold character and her honesty at work gave her an upper hand to get the Judge’s attention and the public at large.

  • Power of women in leadership

The vice could not come out in the public limelight in case it was still a male-dominated department. There are wars you can only fight and win from within the warzone. Her presence in the leadership and political position saved other women from sexual harassment. Assuming it was another woman in that position. She might opt to endure, if not, suffer in silence. There is light at the end of the tunnel when more women attain such positions. They stand a better chance to speak to the million voiceless women out there.