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Women Fighting Predators: How Women Can Avoid Cybercriminals

Women are more prone to cyberattacks than men. The attacks take many forms from bullying to identity theft. Women have a chance to prevent sexual and financial predators online by learning as much as they can about cyberattacks.

There are many ways to fight cybercrime including cooperation between technology companies and cross-border legislation. However, the easiest among all these is to protect yourself and your family from cybercriminals by being aware. If every woman learns how to stay safe online, the criminals will have no one to harass.

Which Form do Cyberattacks Against Women Take?

The growth in information technology brings a lot of benefits but it also comes with its share of dangers. It has led to the rise of criminals such as hackers and crackers who interfere with your online accounts. Once these hackers gain unauthorized access to your accounts, they steal useful data and can mess your life online and offline. For women, cyberattacks go more than identity theft and loss of money – which is why you need to do everything you can to prevent access to your accounts.

Harassment – Women go through harassment from strangers who might gain access to their accounts. The harassments come through emails and social messaging platforms. Cybercriminals might blackmail, threaten, send love letters constantly, or send embarrassing texts, and photos.

Cyber Stalking – Stalkers get the strength to continue their behavior anonymously online. Stalkers observe every move you make, your whereabouts, and any other details you may share as they wait to make a move.

Identity Theft – This occurs when someone gains access to your accounts and starts acting as you. Identity thieves might solicit for funds from your friends and relatives, withdraw cash from your credit or debit card, or even borrow money using your name. 

How to Stay Safe

Cybercriminals use so many avenues to gain access to your accounts. Unless you give out your information unknowingly, these criminals will not have access to your accounts. There are a few ways to protect yourself:

Create Strong Passwords and Avoid Sharing Them

A strong password should be at least six characters. Although some websites do not have restrictions on number of characters and their nature, always combine letters, numbers, and special characters. Again use a mix of upper case and lower case letters. Your password should not be anything anyone can guess so avoid year of birth, pets name, parents and siblings names, and nicknames among others.

After setting a strong password, ensure you never share them with anyone. According to research, most people are more comfortable lending their car than giving out their email passwords.

Do Not Leave the Webcam On

Today, so many apps need your webcam. These apps can automatically turn on the camera and record everything you do in the house. To ensure that doesn’t happen, disable camera permission so these apps cannot access the camera. Again, when not in use, keep the camera covered.

Do Not Share More Than Necessary

More women than men search for online relationships. While at it, a woman might share intricate personal details that might to a cyberattack. In your online endeavors, avoid messages and photos that might embarrass you later in life.

You should also avoid sharing details on your whereabouts and your lifestyle. To be safer, disable geotagging and any location services to ensure no one can find where you are.

Read the Fine Print and Avoid Freebies

Do you ever take time to read the privacy policy or the terms of service before clicking, “I agree?” Some websites can own, sell, rent, or give out your information to third parties. As long as you agreed to the terms and conditions, the law cannot protect you in any way.

Besides reading the privacy policy and TOC, avoid freebies. These comes as games, PDFs, and other files that you might need to download and open or download and install. Most of these contain malware that may mess your system or collect your personal information.

Block Anyone You Do Not Want to Interact With

Social media is notorious at harboring cyber criminals. The good news is, however, that you can choose who is on your list of friends or followers and who sees what you post. If you’re not comfortable interacting with someone, unfriend them, ignore their requests or simply block them.

Your instincts should be your first protection – if something or someone feels off, you can ignore them and you do not have to explain it to anyone.

Update Your Software and Use an An Identity Theft Protection Service

Software updates can be a nuisance but with each update you get better protection. These updates are patches against the latest threats.

You also need to install and identity theft protection service, a VPN (virtual private network), and an antivirus software. Some comprehensive services offer all the three so you never have to install a lot of applications.  When it comes to online safety, common sense matters more than than any software you can install. The trick is to avoid sharing your personal information online and avoid opening freebies, PDFs and videos from sources you do not trust. You also need to realize that the internet never forgets – avoid anything you might be embarrassed to see a few years from today.

The Best Diet for Artists Preparing to Showcase Anita Hill Film

The thrilling movie- Anita Hill attracts a varied audience from all corners of the world. It’s evident from multimedia content that it’s a film with many viewers compared to others of the same genre.

As an artist tasked to showcase this film, your health is vital. You need to maintain a healthy weight and diet to withstand the long sitting hours and make sure your audience has the best time watching it.

You can’t afford to take health breaks while the audience is at a standstill waiting for you to attend a call of nature just because of your poor health lifestyle. The audience might choose other options; it’s a business.

Maintaining a healthy weight involves a total lifestyle change, as much as more focus is always on a diet.

Additionally, artists should re-evaluate their physical activities despite their tight work schedules.

Here are a few tips that come in handy to sustain the healthy weight ideal for creative art tasks

  • Workout to create an output and input balance
  • Take part in physical activities to prevent a sedentary lifestyle
  • Practice portion control as a dietary measure
  • Discuss with your doctor and check on any underlying condition that might limit your weight maintenance goal

You notice that most of the tips revolve around what you consume as an artist. Therefore, our focus in this article is the best diet artists should try out before they take the noble task of showcasing the much-awaited film.

Ketogenic diet

Losing weight requires patience and commitment. Many artists along the way have given up on the journey.

It is this backdrop that ketogenic diet comes in handy to lose fat quickly. Naturally, when you have excess carbohydrates and fat in your food, the body breaks up the carbohydrates first and leaves the fat accumulated in the body- the reasOn for weight gain.

Keto diet is a reverse kind of food which consists of high-fat content but less carbohydrate and protein.

Instead, the body breaks down the fat while the protein and the carbohydrate run other metabolic functions.

It’s a strict diet bought from the shop and better still, it can be made of natural foods as long as it maintains the same food component.

Why should artists opt for the ketogenic diet?

  • Consume the right calorie to maintain a healthy weight
  • It’s a simple and affordable meal
  • Saves an artist time to take to prepare food
  • Maintains appropriate blood sugar level
  • Increases the proper cholesterol level in the body
  • Supports an artist’s lifestyle

Practice portion control

As an artist, when you love your natural foods and food preparation, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a healthy weight.

 It’s time to check on your portion controls. High consumption of carbohydrates is responsible for weight gain.

With that in mind, you can now check on the number of calories you consume in your diet to make a wise decision.

The best way to exercise portion control is to ensure vegetables take almost half the plate and divide carbohydrates and proteins with the other parts. Here are some benefits of portion control to artists

  • Supports secure and fast digestion process
  • Provides the necessary energy to sustain the long hours showcasing the film in maintaining the right blood sugar levels
  • Reduces overindulgence

Replace unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables

Skipping meals is not a long-term solution to weight loss. You might achieve your desired weight, but when you return to your regular diet routine, overindulgence is high leading to more weight than before you start the program.

 It is vital to look for reasons why you gain undesired weight. Most likely, the answer is in your diet.

Artists are fond of eating unhealthy snacks, composed of fries and refined foods with a high carbohydrate level.

It complements their lifestyle though compromises on their health. Therefore, to prevent all these, when you want to snack, choose fruits and vegetables, which comes with many benefits.

Fruits like bananas fill your stomach, preventing any food cravings. Moreover, they are rich in essential minerals ideal for your body mechanisms.

Reduce carbohydrates

Any weight loss diet limits the amount of carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates are energy-giving foods.

It means if you can’t consume the energy based on the food intake, the surplus is stored as fat, which leads to weight gain.

There is no way an artist will work effectively on the film showcasing with that kind of weight; they can’t manage the weight-related fatigue.

The last thing the audience wants to see is a fallen artist in the name of work. They need people healthy and fit for the job. If your focus is to maintain a healthy weight, you have no option but to reduce carbohydrate intake.

How can the artist know he/she is overweight?

From the outward look, it’s not easy to determine whether an artist is obese or overweight. Either of them is not suitable for their health.

 Health experts advise that the best way to gauge whether one has a healthy weight or not is to check on the Body Mass Index (BMI).

 It is calculated as a division of the weight in kgs and height in meters squared. Every age has a defined index.

The figure you get, you check from the BMI chart and check if you are within the optimum levels to get the right diagnosis.

Diet and physical activity play a significant role in maintaining a healthy weight for artists.