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7 Things Every Successful Female Actress Should Own

Women have a significant impact on life. With more than 50% of the population being females, the choices that women make matter.

Sources indicate that women are more efficient and more successful. It has been proven that women are 23% more successful in reaching their goals and targets than men.

Some of the most successful women are female actresses. With the number of female leads in movies on the increase, more women are empowered.


The success rate of female actresses is increasing with time. The number of female leads was indicated to be higher in 2018 compared to 2017.

Every female actress needs to own some things in life. Whether an actress is living in a spacious home or a modern apartment, there are things she needs in her home.

These items make her feel like independent, and enhance her convenience. Below are seven things every successful female actress should own:

  • A coffee maker
  • Living plants
  • A pellet stove
  • A wardrobe and a nice closet organization
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A garage heater
  • Healthy cookbooks

7 Must-Haves for Every Successful Actresses Worldwide

A coffee maker

As a successful female actress, you need to own a quality coffee maker to prepare the coffee you love. Coffee is, for sure, a warm drink. Consuming it makes you cheer up, and you feel some sense of warmth and happiness in you.

It also helps with weight loss and reduces your risk of death.

Actresses need brighter days because when acting, they need to be as composed as possible. A cup of coffee can highlight your morning and make your entire day a success.

Living plants

Living plants beautify the environment around the house. They’re relaxing and healthy. Add a green element to your home with some living plants of your preference.

Including plants in your home provides you with fresh oxygen. And, you’re more likely to be healthy around such environments.

A pellet stove

Every successful female actress needs to feed on healthy and flavorful meals. Pellet stoves add flavor to food. They’re easy to use and convenient.

Pellet stoves can be used both as smokers and for grilling. They use natural woods that add natural flavor to food, making your meals sweet and amazing.

Apart from the convenience of preparing food, pellet stoves can also be used to beautify the house. They’re impressive works of art, and every actress needs glamor in her home.

What’s more, they’re safe for use indoors or outdoors.

A wardrobe and a nice closet organization

Actresses are females of magnificence, and they all love fashion. If you’re a successful female actress, invest in a well-organized closet and a decent wardrobe to keep your home clutter-free.

Most successful female actresses have lots of clothes. Therefore, they need a better place to organize and arrange their fantastic sets of clothing.

Organizing your closet is important because it also benefits your mental health. You feel relaxed when you see your clothes well-organized. It also gives you an easy time to select your day’s wear.

A vacuum cleaner

Successful female actresses often travel and move from place to place. Moving to new apartments might need some cleaning before you settle in. Using a broom and a dustpan for cleaning can be tiring.

Investing in a vacuum cleaner is a life-changing choice.

Your apartment will, for sure, remain cleaner, and you’re bound to feel relaxed whenever you’re home. Actresses need to be in sparkling environments.

A garage heater

A garage is one of the important spaces in an actress’s home. Every successful actress needs a comfortable and more functional garage. Whether you use your space for parties, a guest room or just to keep your car and other valuables, it’s important to keep it warm in winter.

 You can use electric garage heaters that are safer around gaseous fumes. Winter is often quite cold. And, heating this space ensures it remains functional throughout the year.

With the right temperatures, you get a relaxed garage. Install the best garage heaters to keep you warm in winter when using this space. It also eliminates the many issues cars experience in winter, including slow start ups.

Healthy cookbooks

Females love cooking, whether they’re successful female actresses or ordinary women. Every woman wants to arm themselves with the best cooking tips.

As a successful actress, you need some healthy cookbooks with some fantastic recipes on how you can prepare your best meals. Preparing your own meals is key to staying healthy.

Well, you might not be the one who does the cooking, but still, you need some skills on how to cook. Also, your maidservant needs to be equipped with better knowledge in preparing healthy meals.


Everybody, including actresses, has a dream of living a particular life and owning certain things in their lifetime. When you become an adult, the pressure for you to be responsible increases. And, the choices you make have significant impacts on your life and the life of those around you. Your choices determine your health and your happiness.

Women Fighting Predators: How Women Can Avoid Cybercriminals

Women are more prone to cyberattacks than men. The attacks take many forms from bullying to identity theft. Women have a chance to prevent sexual and financial predators online by learning as much as they can about cyberattacks.

There are many ways to fight cybercrime including cooperation between technology companies and cross-border legislation. However, the easiest among all these is to protect yourself and your family from cybercriminals by being aware. If every woman learns how to stay safe online, the criminals will have no one to harass.

Which Form do Cyberattacks Against Women Take?

The growth in information technology brings a lot of benefits but it also comes with its share of dangers. It has led to the rise of criminals such as hackers and crackers who interfere with your online accounts. Once these hackers gain unauthorized access to your accounts, they steal useful data and can mess your life online and offline. For women, cyberattacks go more than identity theft and loss of money – which is why you need to do everything you can to prevent access to your accounts.

Harassment – Women go through harassment from strangers who might gain access to their accounts. The harassments come through emails and social messaging platforms. Cybercriminals might blackmail, threaten, send love letters constantly, or send embarrassing texts, and photos.

Cyber Stalking – Stalkers get the strength to continue their behavior anonymously online. Stalkers observe every move you make, your whereabouts, and any other details you may share as they wait to make a move.

Identity Theft – This occurs when someone gains access to your accounts and starts acting as you. Identity thieves might solicit for funds from your friends and relatives, withdraw cash from your credit or debit card, or even borrow money using your name. 

How to Stay Safe

Cybercriminals use so many avenues to gain access to your accounts. Unless you give out your information unknowingly, these criminals will not have access to your accounts. There are a few ways to protect yourself:

Create Strong Passwords and Avoid Sharing Them

A strong password should be at least six characters. Although some websites do not have restrictions on number of characters and their nature, always combine letters, numbers, and special characters. Again use a mix of upper case and lower case letters. Your password should not be anything anyone can guess so avoid year of birth, pets name, parents and siblings names, and nicknames among others.

After setting a strong password, ensure you never share them with anyone. According to research, most people are more comfortable lending their car than giving out their email passwords.

Do Not Leave the Webcam On

Today, so many apps need your webcam. These apps can automatically turn on the camera and record everything you do in the house. To ensure that doesn’t happen, disable camera permission so these apps cannot access the camera. Again, when not in use, keep the camera covered.

Do Not Share More Than Necessary

More women than men search for online relationships. While at it, a woman might share intricate personal details that might to a cyberattack. In your online endeavors, avoid messages and photos that might embarrass you later in life.

You should also avoid sharing details on your whereabouts and your lifestyle. To be safer, disable geotagging and any location services to ensure no one can find where you are.

Read the Fine Print and Avoid Freebies

Do you ever take time to read the privacy policy or the terms of service before clicking, “I agree?” Some websites can own, sell, rent, or give out your information to third parties. As long as you agreed to the terms and conditions, the law cannot protect you in any way.

Besides reading the privacy policy and TOC, avoid freebies. These comes as games, PDFs, and other files that you might need to download and open or download and install. Most of these contain malware that may mess your system or collect your personal information.

Block Anyone You Do Not Want to Interact With

Social media is notorious at harboring cyber criminals. The good news is, however, that you can choose who is on your list of friends or followers and who sees what you post. If you’re not comfortable interacting with someone, unfriend them, ignore their requests or simply block them.

Your instincts should be your first protection – if something or someone feels off, you can ignore them and you do not have to explain it to anyone.

Update Your Software and Use an An Identity Theft Protection Service

Software updates can be a nuisance but with each update you get better protection. These updates are patches against the latest threats.

You also need to install and identity theft protection service, a VPN (virtual private network), and an antivirus software. Some comprehensive services offer all the three so you never have to install a lot of applications.  When it comes to online safety, common sense matters more than than any software you can install. The trick is to avoid sharing your personal information online and avoid opening freebies, PDFs and videos from sources you do not trust. You also need to realize that the internet never forgets – avoid anything you might be embarrassed to see a few years from today.

5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Anita Hill- The Film

Anita Hill- the Film highlights the plights of women in workplaces. The backdrop of the film is from a real-life experience from the Professor of law. While working in the U.S. Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), she made a testimony against her boss on issues of sexual harassment.

Despite the allegations, Clarence Thomas (the boss) was appointed as the Supreme Court judge. However, her outcry had a significant milestone in gender and sexual harassment policies. 

Some of the notable facts about this Film

  1. Anita remained a hero

Anita’s persistent cry for justice against her boss came in handy even after many years as much as the first attempt never bore fruit. It is her story that made it possible to have a sexual harassment policy in the Senate.

Otherwise, the vice could continue. Many women and men in the equal measure could have died in silence as if the act was just a norm.

Anita’s heroism is seen in the fact that she never feared her boss despite being in the high office. Who can imagine standing in the dock against her boss? The worse of it all, it’s on issues of sexual harassment.

The initial stages of the case portrayed Anita as the betrayer. Some of the members of the Senate declared Clarance Thomas as a hero. This was a short term title. After a close look at the fine details of the whole issue, it now made sense that Anita had a point that needs to be considered for the sanity of future generations- women in specific.

  1. Sexual harassment policy was initiated and implemented

Anita’s televised testimony came as an eye-opener to most women going through the same in the workplace. Women who looked at it as a norm and never thought of moving to court to file suits now had the courage.

The civil rights lawyers now had a severe task to accomplish; push for a law on sexual harassment offenses. More research came up, and it was open that several women were suffering in silence. It was now evident that they had to be a law to cushion the women against the act.

Similarly, men involved in such hilarious acts now had to be cautious about the vice, for they didn’t know what awaits them. This was a milestone in gender equality. What was peculiar about Anita’s case was that the allegation was heard in an all-men jury. Who will rule against their fellow man?

  1. There is power in speech

Do you think the vice could have continued if Anita never came out and speak against it? Of course, yes. As much as there was a lot of controversy about Anita’s conduct about her boss.

 Most people felt that there was a better way of dealing with it. They felt that she went overboard with the issue- taking your boss to court?

Look at it from a case study on weight loss. When you go public about someone’s weight, it can never be taken lightly. Instead, there are better ways of approaching it.

She was probably introducing a well-rounded product to encourage one to lose a pound without necessarily mentioning the weight issue. This is the route the public felt Anita should have used. Maybe call her supervisors to a round table and speak about it rather than making it public without consultation.

  1. Gender issues need a strong and resilient personality

Ask yourself, how many women have the guts and courage to face their bosses in a jury? The best people one does is to leave the job and wait to hear from the next victim. Anita Hill took it upon her to use the chance to create awareness of the sexual acts in workplaces and have a platform for a change.

It is an act that needs a strong and resilient personality. It is never a smooth ride. There are so many obstacles and discrimination that come with such acts of courage- job loss, stigma, and discrimination, to mention but a few.

Who has ever won a gender issue without controversy? The cultural and religious belief that men “have it all” can only be stopped by such kind of personality. Not that everything men do is wrong, no. Some of them are used to undermine women as they give themselves the right political and career positions despite women having better qualifications.

  1. Racism exists even in high offices

The war between natives and foreigners existed since time immemorial. Anita lost the battle at the initial stages not because she had no point in her allegations, but it had got to do more with the fact that she is a black American. I imagine if it was a white woman in Anita’s shoes, I am sure that the case could have taken a different route.

Wait a minute, what if the boss was a Black American, and Anita was an American? You can imagine if this happens to Anita in a constitutional office mandated to protect and uphold the constitution, the question now is, what of the other junior offices without someone to speak out on their behalf?

There are many lessons one can learn from this Film. Apart from just the entertainment, other thematic areas it focuses on include

  • Gender equality
  • Racism
  • Women power
  • Sexual harassment
  • Constitutional law on gender parity
  • The positive impact of women education

Anita Hill- the Film is one movie that you can sit the whole day and watch without getting bored. Even if you have viewed it, its repeat still gives you more insights into the themes.

Anita: The Power of Women in the Corridors of Justice

Sexual harassment is a topic people speak in low tones in most workplaces. Anita is a film highlighting the struggles and the plight of women in power. She has to beat all odds to rise to power. Its plot tends to depict the plight of women in both low and high political and leadership ranks.

Brief description of Anita Hill – The film

Anita is the main character in this movie. She is an American-African woman who has to sit among 14 white men. The racism she experiences at her workplace hardens her to stand for her rights.

The professor in law becomes prominent but still experiences discrimination due to her race. The game-changer in her quest for gender equality dates from a graphic testimony. She has endured all forms of sexual harassment and the rights of women to rise to the current level.

She is an icon in the United States. Her message involves women empowerment, gender, and justice for the endangered species.

In the film, she uses her private life as a real-life example to expose the rot in the Supreme court. She rose through the ranks through her eloquence, education, and strength in articulating issues.

Her 22 years of experience portrays the impact of women education to attain high ranks in their career.

She files a suit against her supervisor Clarence Thomas on sexual harassment. Clarence is a Circuit Judge in the Supreme Court. 

Lessons to learn from the film

  1. Be honest and truthful

Anita stood for what is right. She did not mind being the only woman in the Supreme Court, working among 14 men. She remained steadfast in her quest for justice.

Moreover, this is the same court that protects its citizens, yet it went against all the odds. Imagine taking your supervisor to court? Her honesty and truthfulness earned her a rise in her legal career.

  • Stand for what is right

Traditionally, society views women as weak vessels. In specific, the African culture, there are places where they have no voice at all. Anita, being an African, she experienced racism at its peak- the early nineties.

That did not deter her from opening up about the rots in the corridors of justice. Even after she won the case, it did not end there, she still took an initiative to educate women to stand for what is right and educate women to avoid sexual favors for promotions and career progression.

In her quote, “When I think of what has happened in a larger sense, beyond myself, then I would not change anything.”

  • Have courage as long as you know you are right

Her courage, the moment she knew she was right in the pursuit of justice earned her a win in the case. In the interview with Forbes, the journalist admits that the negativity, mockery, and adversities never deterred her from speaking up about her supervisor’s bad behavior.

In life, it is your good character that will prevail when there are storms in any issue affecting your life.

  • It is you to change

Anita’s story is an eye-opener to the World. She states, if you are not going to say it out, who will say it for you? What an insight for women? You can only get the courage when you know your line of duty is also clean.

The daily affairs of the workplace must provide the necessary security a woman needs.

 Anita’s bold character and her honesty at work gave her an upper hand to get the Judge’s attention and the public at large.

  • Power of women in leadership

The vice could not come out in the public limelight in case it was still a male-dominated department. There are wars you can only fight and win from within the warzone. Her presence in the leadership and political position saved other women from sexual harassment. Assuming it was another woman in that position. She might opt to endure, if not, suffer in silence. There is light at the end of the tunnel when more women attain such positions. They stand a better chance to speak to the million voiceless women out there.

Notable Women Who Love Coffee

Coffee has become an important companion for many working women. With low cafe start up costs, many coffee vending machines are in almost every corner, it’s quite hard not to fall in love with coffee. Arguably, coffee has become a popular drink with women, especially our celebrities and other personalities in the fashion industry. This is because coffee is more appealing and calming. It has regained its status and many fashion brands are using coffee as one of the many ways to express their own status to millions of consumers. A city like New York,
you’ll find coffee shops strategically located next to high fashion clothing stores. Despite being a popular drink, one concern that some people have: is coffee dehydrating or not? Well according to recent studies done on the effects of coffee, small amounts of coffee cannot dehydrate you. Here are some of the notable women who love coffee:

1. Sofia Vergara

Growing up in a South American tradition shaped the life of Sofia Vergara. One of the things that she learned is the magic power of coffee. Sofia developed a passion for coffee at the age of seven. She says that it becomes a common habit for her to order for espresso just like the adults. Her long experience with coffee, she has seen how coffee makes people feel. The Colombian actress has confessed before that the magical bean can change how you feel due to its taste and flavor. And she likes it black and strong without sugar.

2. Ariane Grande
Ariana loves her cup of coffee so much that Starbucks cup size is named after her This is quite clear that Starbucks has also positioned their claws into the world of divas. Ina recent interview, Ariane said that she likes Venti soy lattes. Ariane is a true star having released major hit songs that have left many wanting for more. she also has a huge fan base that follows her on social media platforms. And with her love for coffee is a major endorsement for this magical drink. It’s quite obvious that coffee makes her feel energetic, calm and relaxed after her busy life.

3. Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is known for posting her Frappuccino on social media most often, which is a good expression of how she feels about her coffee. Selena is a popular artist especially with the younger generation who are inspired by her creative songs. This will have a huge impact on the way young people perceive. In fact, many teenagers are drinking more coffee than ever before. Selena Gomez is a household name in the United States since her early day in children show. If there is one thing that Selena has taught us is definitely her style. Many young women are inspired by her simple outfit combination and when she posted her cup of Frappuccino, you can only imagine what that means to her fan base.

4. Britney Spears
It’s quite interesting to see Britney Spears endorsing coffee through Starbucks. You’ll see her holding the Starbucks coffee in one of those Ads. This is a welcoming move for many coffee lovers who can now connect the drink they love with very popular celebrities like Britney Spears. She is a huge brand in the music industry has sold more than 70 million albums. Britney endorsement for coffee is a big announcement. This goes to show how coffee has regained its status and many notable women in our society have embraced it.